Ice Central rink builders begin work in Barry

November 24 2016

EXPERT Ice rink suppliers 11th-hour events are constructing the focal point of the Vale Of Glamorgan Council’s Ice Central in a process that involves freezing 7,500 litres of water.

The company, which supplies equipment to the entertainment industry, arrived at the site in Central Park, adjacent to Barry Town Hall, this week to transform it into a frozen festive fun zone.

icecentral 004After laying the foundations, the rink itself is starting to take shape ahead of Ice Central’s grand opening at 5pm on Saturday, part of the Christmas lights switch-on celebrations.

Ice Central will offer seasonal food, drinks and live music as well as a family-friendly skating experience.

The rink will be open for nine days and is the centrepiece of the Vale Council’s winter events programme for 2016.

“It’s down to us to deliver the ice rink and it will take around 7,500 litres of water to produce it,” said 11th-hour Director of Operations John Davies.

“We roll out a mat system that comes in the form of coils. That acts like a radiator, but instead of putting warm water through, we pump through a mixture of glycol, which is an anti-freeze, and water.


icecentral 006“The glycol is chilled to between -18 and -20 degrees and once it is moving through the radiator system we spray on cold water, this crystalises and forms ice. Then more water is added to create layers of ice.

“We will have 12 people working on constructing the ice rink and then four maintaining it throughout Ice Central.

“At the end of every day warm water will be sprayed on the surface, which freezes more quickly than cold water, to smooth out any scuffs.”

Around 800 pairs of skates will be available to hire throughout the event as well as support model penguins to help children less confident on the ice maintain their balance.

The Ice Central rink will open at 5.30pm on Saturday and then every day until Sunday 4th December. There will be late night events on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.  Prices start from £3 and a family ticket will be available for £10.