Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday UK is a non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities.


The day itself takes place on the first Saturday in December each year, but the campaign aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses. In 2016 Small Business Saturday will take place on Saturday, December 3rd.


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has supported a number of small businesses through their Vale Bursary Grant Scheme. The aim of the scheme was to encourage innovation, with emphasis on support and encouragement. Following a successful 2 year project, the Vale of Glamorgan Council helped launch 50 new businesses.


Check out some of the successful businesses below!



Bursry - Cobbles Kitchen and Deli

Cobbles Kitchen and Deli


“To be told I had been awarded the bursary was the most incredible feeling! It’s wonderful knowing that I am being supported and encouraged to pursue a lifelong dream. It’s not just about the financial side of things but knowing others believe in your idea and help you build it into a business is a great opportunity and I feel extremely grateful to the Inspiring the Vale team for the opportunity.”

- Chloe Francis, 28




Bursaries Nicholas-Gannon-Johns

Oakwater Interiors

“The bursary has enabled me to fulfil my business venture dreams. Without the massive help of the bursary I would not be able to set up for at least another couple of years. This cash injection will turn a much thought of idea into a working business. Most companies in my field cannot have everything they need as soon as they start up and this means they cannot do all the jobs necessary to produce the perfect product. The bursary will take me above and beyond my competitors.”

Nicholas Gannon-Johns, 27

Oakwater Interiors

Bursaries - Iguana Apparel

Iguana Apparel


“Inspiring the Vale bursary has allowed us to develop what initially started as a hobby into a viable business. Both the business advice and financial support we have received to date has provided us with the opportunity to produce high quality garments and build our own clothing label. Additionally, the funding has allowed us to spend more time with local people and businesses of South Wales, providing low cost garment printing services.”

- Kieran Spear, 28


Iguana Apparel



Bursaries - Abigail Apollonio Logo

Abigail Apollonio Photography

“Setting up a business has been an aspiration of mine since I first qualified in 2005. I have had to put it on hold for financial reasons and to start a family. Since having my little boy he has inspired me to take this dream into a reality and without the support of the bursary I would be unable to fund the starting costs of the company.”

- Abigail Apollonio, 30


Abigail Apollonio Photography

Bursaries Jennifer-Baldry-2

Jenergy Fitness

“Being awarded a Vale bursary really has meant the world to me and my new business. It has meant I have been able to get all the qualifications I dreamed of getting (and more!) all my equipment needed for starting classes as well as enough funding to get a website up and running. Over the moon! So pleased and grateful to have been awarded this amazing opportunity by Inspire the Vale.”

- Jennifer Baldry, 28

Jenergy Fitness

Bursaries - Bobl Bach Rhi

Bobl Bach Rhi

“Receiving this bursary funding has meant that I have been able to fulfil my dream of becoming a child-minder and working for myself from home. I can now buy all the equipment that is essential to the business and I can’t wait to get started.”

- Rhiannon Collins, 27





Bobl Bach Rhi



How you can get involved:

Small Business Saturday want all kinds of small businesses to get involved, so whether you are a family business, local shop, online business, wholesaler, business service or small manufacturer, Small Business Saturday is supporting you!

For all the ways you can get involved, check out their website.