Vale of Glamorgan Council begin work to remove Cross Common Road Bridge


28 October 2016


VALE of Glamorgan Council are set to begin work on a new traffic route through Dinas Powys next week that will lead to the Cross Common Road Bridge being removed.


The old bridge structure has been given additional support by a timber frame since 2005 and this has slowly been deteriorating.


Bridge1Rather than replace wooden supports, the Council has decided to dismantle the bridge and create a new junction between Cross Common Road and Cardiff Road around 50 metres downstream.


The river course runs away from the road at this point, meaning it is not necessary to create another crossing.

Residents have previously expressed concerns that the current bridge supports might have altered river flow and increased the risk of nearby properties flooding.


Once work on the new junction is completed, the bridge will be closed. The supports will then be removed followed by the bridge deck, with that work set to take place next year.


Creating the new junction will cost around £500,000 and it is expected to take around 16 weeks to complete.


As well as eliminating any perceived flood risk, the new junction will be wider and so safer for both motorists and pedestrians.

The Council has also eliminated the need to make any improvements to the bridge structure in future, while there will be no lengthy road closures.Bridge3


Local residents and businesses were informed of the impending work by letter towards the end of last week.


Cllr Peter King, Cabinet Member for Building Services, Highways and Transportation, said: “We know what an important issue this is for local residents and that’s why we’ve made sure this work takes place.


“Removing the current bridge structure should allay any fears that its timber supports are contributing to a flood risk. The new junction should also be safer for motorists and pedestrians than the current narrow crossing. There will be no road closures while the work takes place meaning disruption to residents will be kept to a minimum.”