Vale of Glamorgan Youth Mayor elected


19 October 2016


A recent Vale Youth Forum meeting, held on Monday 17 October, saw the Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Cllr. Neil Moore, and Mayor of the Council, Cllr. Stuart Egan, announce this year’s successful candidate for the Youth Mayor election campaign.


Youth Mayor Elections 2016
Daniel Marshall, aged 16 from Cowbridge Comprehensive School, was elected Youth Mayor, and will take on the responsibility of leading the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Youth Cabinet. He will be ably-assisted by the newly-elected Deputy Youth Mayor, 15 year old Daley Chapman from Barry Comprehensive School.

The event concluded the campaign that gave young people across the Vale of Glamorgan the opportunity to vote for their third Youth Mayor. During local Democracy Week, 10-14 October, elections were held in a variety of locations, including schools, the Cardiff & Vale College, and with training providers, youth clubs and youth organisations. 

Young people were encouraged to take part in a secret ballot that would decide which of the three candidates – Daniel Marshall, Daley Chapman or Barry Comprehensive School representative Rhys Powell – would go on to lead the Youth Cabinet.
A total of 3992 votes were received, votes informed by viewing the candidates’ manifestos at   

Cllr. Neil Moore, Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “The Youth Cabinet continues to produce fantastic work, ensuring that young people across the Vale are well-represented, and have a say on matters that affect them. I wish Daniel, and Daley the best of luck with their future endeavours.”

For more information on the work the Youth Mayor, and Youth Cabinet, do across the Vale, visit