Can you Name the Wood to Wheel Dragon?

Everyone had a fantastic day on Wednesday at Porthkerry’s Wood to Wheel event to celebrate the finishing of the work on the Cwm Ciddy Saw Mill.


Friday 18 August 2017


The work, which was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has seen the old saw mill come to life with refurbishment work, interpretation panels and a fantastic AR App which brings history to life.


There were lots of demonstrations and activities on the day including a chainsaw carving demonstration, wood wands and flower workshops, lessons in sawing wood and a chance to toast some tasty marshmallows.



“ What a fabulous event. My nephew loved the experience and came home with a woven willow fish, magic wand, slice of a tree (that he cut himself), a decorated tree slice and a clay tile he decorated.

Most of all we had a fab time in the woods talking to people with a lovely atmosphere. He hasn’t stopped talking about it all afternoon! Thank you for organising a super event.”


The highlight of the day were the two magical woodland walks, where Lulu Whizzlegs, Ula who likes to Hula and Azan Shoopard the Froghopper transformed the woods , with trapeze, rope swinging and a magical tea party.

Dragon carvingName the Porthkerry Dragon

Chris Wood, from Wood Art Works, created a spectacular dragon’s head sculpture using a chainsaw, but unfortunately the dragon is incomplete due to funding, so watch this space!


With our new resident dragon we are asking the public to come up with a suitable name for him. The dragon was based on famous myths and legends associated with the park, whereby a serpent is said to roam the woods at night!


What would you call your dragon…?


Send your ideas to:


Mel Stewart, Site Ranger  would like to say a huge thanks you to all the volunteers and demonstrators who helped put on a wonderful day of activities – the woods have never felt so special!


AR at Porthkerry Country Park

Porthkerry Country Park has so much to see and do, and this app will allow you to bring parts of the park to life as you get out and explore.

  • Meet Henry Ringham, whose company was brought in to repair the viaduct after it started to collapse
  • Find out about the potions Ann Jenkin, the witch of Cliff Wood Cottage,  made and the spells she may have cast.
  • See Cwm Ciddy sawmill appear on top of its foundations and see how it was worked from the twin leated pond above it

The app has GPS triggered collectable trails which will allow you to explore the park, collecting virtual plants and animals along the way while you look out for the real ones.


You can collect myths and legends from around the park with the story trail and there’s a kids’ collectable trail around the meadow area too enabling them to collect facts about different animals while they run around. Once you’ve collected your AR characters, stories, fauna, flora, they will be saved into your collections library to read about whenever you like.


Porthkerry Country Park AR App by Jam Creative Studios was part funded by Barry Regeneration grant and Heritage Lottery Grant.



Thanks to Green Days for sending some photographs of their day at the 'Wood to Wheel' event.