Vale of Glamorgan Council praised by Wales Audit Office


03 August 2017


THE Vale of Glamorgan Council has received further positive feedback from the Wales Audit Office (WAO) in its Annual Improvement Report on the authority for 2016/17.


The report brings together the conclusions of several inspections carried out during the year and gives the Council a clean bill of health across a number of aspects of its performance.  


The most recent report, which assessed how the Council manages major service changes, concluded that the Council “has a clear corporate framework for determining and delivering service changes and effective arrangements to support delivery.”


CivicIt praised the Council’s Reshaping Services programme, which it said enabled changes to be managed effectively, and pointed to effective working between Cabinet and senior managers, recognising the range of staff engagement and training that is carried out.


The Annual Improvement Report also gives an update on the WAO’s Corporate Assessment report, released in August 2016, which evaluated the authority’s capacity to deliver continuous improvement.  That report concluded the Vale Council had “a clear vision of what it wants to achieve and is making positive changes which should ensure it is well placed to continue securing improvement”.


Areas that were complemented included:


•       The clear vision of the Council. 


•       Effective leadership supporting the change agenda.


•       Improving performance management arrangements. 


The latest report reveals the Council has made good progress on addressing the five proposals for improvement that were made as part of the Corporate Assessment.


Cllr John Thomas, Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said:


“It is extremely satisfying to receive such favourable further feedback from the Wales Audit Office. We were hugely encouraged by the findings of their previous assessment and this latest update proves the Vale of Glamorgan Council continues to achieve high standards of leadership and service delivery.


“But there is no room for complacency. The aim now is to continue improving and that is a challenge we will fully embrace.”