Campaign launched to promote benefits of superfast broadband in the Vale of Glamorgan

A new campaign to demonstrate how superfast broadband is changing people’s lives, has been launched across the Vale.  


  • Wednesday, 06 December 2017 10:34 AM | Vale of Glamorgan

The superfast broadband campaign, run by the Welsh Government, is aiming to promote superfast broadband to the Vale of Glamorgan residents to demonstrate its benefits and encourage its further use across the county.


With the majority of residents in the Vale of Glamorgan now having the ability to access the service, the campaign will showcase how superfast broadband is transforming the way people work, learn and connect with their families and friends.


Superfast broadband enables multiple devices to work simultaneously, allowing people to stream films, download music, study or keep in touch with loved ones without disrupting a connection.



Broadband pic

The campaign will highlight how the service is transforming the ways in which people live and work across Wales. 


“Superfast broadband has become crucial for homes, which is why we are committed to bringing faster internet speeds to regions across Wales. Improving our digital infrastructure is key to driving economic growth, supporting public services and helping people communicate.


While the majority of homes in the Vale of Glamorgan can now access superfast broadband should they wish to, many people are simply not fully aware of its benefits or how it can be accessed. Faster broadband speeds are enabling families and individuals to carry out their activities with greater speed and efficiency than ever before, and on multiple devices. This includes activities such as downloading large learning resources for children, managing bank accounts, shopping for groceries, paying household bills or using video services such as Skype - to name a few.


For home-workers, the service increases efficiency, boosts productivity and optimises delivery. Being able to communicate via high definition video conferencing or Skype enables companies to speak with staff, customers and suppliers from anywhere in the world.


We want as many people as possible to realise these benefits, and this campaign aims to showcase how the technology is impacting thousands of lives in communities across Wales.” - Welsh Government Leader of the House and Chief Whip, Julie James. 



While most of the county can now access faster broadband, a small percentage of premises are not yet able to access it.  Help is  available on the Welsh Government website or by contacting the Welsh Government broadband team.


Households and businesses in the Vale of Glamorgan wanting to take advantage of the benefits of fast fibre broadband, can contact an internet service provider (ISP) of their choice to place an order.


Visit the website to find out what broadband is available in your area.