Cowbridge Library captures the magic of Hogwarts


08 February 2017


Cowbridge Library hosted the third annual Harry Potter Book Night recently, and saw an unforgettable night of magic enjoyed by young book-lenders across the Vale.


Witch and wizard cast spell at Cowbridge LibraryOver 30 young wizards, witches and muggles were treated to an evening of readings, potion-making and fantastic beasts as the library opened its doors to inquisitive minds.


The night began with the students being sorted into houses at the sorting ceremony, before going on to visit the ‘owlery’, where – instead of Hedwig – they met Bert the barn owl, and Ice the snowy owl. The students of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff went on to learn more about these fantastically fascinating beasts from their owners, Wings of Wales.


Thankfully, the potion masters on the night were far more welcoming than professor Snape, and the children enjoyed carefully brewing their potions before crafting Bowtruckles. The young students designed some creative fantastic beasts of their own and rounded the evening off with a glass of Butterbeer.

Making potions at Cowridge LibraryCouncillor Lis Burnett, Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, and Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Eduaction, said: “Fantastic events like these are incredibly important, as they play such an important part in engaging young children and encouraging them to read more.

“The staff at Cowbridge Library have, yet again, done a fantastic job in entertaining their young visitors through literature.”


Cowbridge Library was also delighted to host their first Harry Potter Quiz Night in February, as part of the National Bloomsbury Harry Potter Quiz Night. Over 40 people – young and old – met to compete, with the Witches of Colwinston eventually emerging as victors.