Surveying of Penarth viewing platform delayed by vandalism


09 January 2016


Survey monitoring equipment put in place last month to help identify the cause of cracks to the Penarth Head viewing platform has been tampered with by vandals, delaying the work of the Vale of Glamorgan Council to address the problem. 

The platform - developed by the Council in response to the work carried out by the Penarth Tourism and Visitor Association (PTVA) and after the local group requested a structure be put in place to celebrate the opening of the Wales Coastal Path - offers views across the Bristol Channel and Penarth Pier.

Construction was completed and the platform was opened to the public in 2015 (work to add interpretation panels and other ‘finishing touches’ was planned for 2016/17).  However, in late 2016 small cracks developed in the walls of the structure and so surveying work was commissioned to identify the cause. 

Additional monitoring equipment will now be put in place and secured. The results of the now delayed surveying are expected in February, assuming no further vandalism and tampering of the equipment takes place.