Council reaches out to tackle anti-social behaviour at Rhoose point


19 July 2017


Local councillors and the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s leisure and community safety teams were out in Rhoose last week, along with coastguard and police officers, as part of an effort to work with local residents to tackle antisocial behaviour.



Police officers and members of the community safety team at RhooseConcerns have been raised by Rhoose Point residents in recent weeks after groups of young people had been gathering at the lagoons and causing a disturbance.



Jumping into and swimming in the lagoons is extremely dangerous and is prohibited via a bye-law for this very reason.



Around 50 local residents attended the community engagement event at Rhoose Point on Monday 10 July, where they were given the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns they may have with the authorities.




Miles Punter, Vale of Glamorgan Council Director of Environment and Housing Services, said: “We wanted to show local residents that the Council is working actively with South Wales Police and other organisations to tackle this issue.


“The event last week gave residents the opportunity to share their concerns and for us to gather more information that will enable a crackdown on this type of behaviour throughout the summer.


"Bylaws have been enacted and additional fencing installed at the top of the cliffs to make access to the highest points more difficult but this will not solve the problem entirely.

Vale councillors near Rhoose point quarry


"It is important to engage with the young people concerned to show them the impact of their actions, rather than simply trying to prohibit them and the information gained from residents will assist us in doing this.


"For now, what we have stressed the importance of local residents witnessing any such behaviour reporting the matter to the police immediately.


"Our community safety team will also be organising similar events in other parts of the Vale, such as in Llantwit Major and Penarth Heights, later this summer to spread the word about bathing and public safety.


"At this event our Community Safety team also provided information on recent assessments of traffic speeds on Rhoose Point and gave advice on setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.”