Wellbeing website Dewis Cymru launches in the Vale

01 August 2017


DEWIS Cymru, a one-stop online directory for wellbeing in Wales, has been launched in the Vale with support from the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


The website allows users to access information on services in areas such as health, care, benefits, money management, clubs, activities and family support.



Visitors to the website can select the category they are interested in and a range of advice and links to services is available.


Alternatively, it is possible to search by location to find a particular service in a specific area.


The directory covers the whole of Wales and there are already 1,200 wellbeing resources registered on it for Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan and almost 5,000 for the country as a whole.


Created to incorporate the new Social Services and Well Being Wales Act, Dewis Cymru aims to make information about services and support easily accessible to the people who need it.


It is also possible to add details of support services you might be involved with.


Cllr Gordon Kemp, Cabinet Member for Social care, Health and Leisure, said: “This is a fantastic resource for people in the Vale looking for information on any number of subjects related to wellbeing. As a Council, we are delighted to support such an important and worthwhile tool.


“There is a wealth of guidance available on a broad range of subjects from managing your money to looking after someone. Dewis Cymru is also an extremely useful place to go for anyone looking for details of clubs, activities and support near them.



“The scope of advice and information available is really impressive and the website is well worth a visit.”