Public Safety Warning – Rhoose Point

We would like to warn residents and visitors to the Vale of Glamorgan the serious dangers of swimming and jumping into in the Lagoons at Rhoose Point.


In addition to the risk of serious injury or even death of swimming or jumping into the cold waters of this disused quarry area, the area is controlled by a byelaw which strictly prohibits such activities.



Anyone found to be in breach of this byelaw could face an ‘on the spot’ penalty of £75 or prosecution through the Courts. 


In light of recent activity in the area the Council, in partnership with its private security partners and the police, has stepped up its enforcement activities and will not hesitate in fining or prosecuting any person found to be in breach of the byelaw.



Rhoose Point Byelaws

Byelaws made under sections 12 and 15 of the Open Spaces Act 1906 by the Vale of Glamorgan Council with respect to public open space at Rhoose Point in the Vale of Glamorgan Council.