Council to show motorists how to park tidy!

14 March 2017

A new campaign has been launched to tackle problem parking in the Vale of Glamorgan. 


Park tidy launch

Throughout 2017 the Vale of Glamorgan Council will be encouraging all drivers to ‘Park Tidy!’ as part of the campaign that will run across social media. 

Cllr Peter King, Cabinet Member for Building Services, Highways & Transportation, said: “We know that inconsiderate and dangerous parking is a source of great frustration for Vale residents. 

“As is so often the case it is only a small minority who put others at risk. This campaign aims to do two things. Firstly, highlight the dangers of inappropriate parking to prompt people to think twice before doing it. Secondly, make it easier for responsible motorists to report problem parking and in turn for us to take action as a result of it.

“Typical hotspots for irresponsible parking are outside schools and near busy junctions. These will be areas that we will focus on. We also plan to raise awareness of the difficulties that parking across dropped kerbs and on pavements can cause for others.

“We hope that by showing drivers how to Park Tidy we can reduce incidences of inconsiderate parking in the Vale, and with this the need for enforcement action.”

Problem parking in the Vale can be reported online or by calling Contact One Vale on 01446 700111.