Gypsy Maker-commissioned exhibitions at Barry's Art Central


29 March 2017


The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Art Central Gallery is readying itself to host to an exhibition containing artwork commissioned by the Romani Cultural & Arts Company’s (RCAC) Gypsy Maker project.


Billy Kerry's 'All Fur Coat'Billy Kerry’s ‘All Fur Coat’ and Artur Conka’s ‘Rarebit Please!’ are set to open at Art Central in April, with both installations aiming to engage Gypsy Roma Traveller communities with the wider public.


Trained in fine art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Kerry’s work narrates the close relationship between artist and material, body and object, with ‘All Fur Coat’ challenging the pre-conceived views of gypsies, gender roles and constructed conformity through sculptures and collages.


Kerry said: “It’s been fantastic working with the RCAC, who have supported and guided me, whilst also allowing me to be very free with my work.”


Artur Conka, meanwhile, is one of the few Romani to have documented his community from behind the lens. Graduating from the University of Derby in photography and film-making, Conka’s work has recorded how life in one of the poorest Romani communities in Slovakia has changed since its decline, and has featured in various international publications including Huffington Post, The Independent and Vice Magazine. 


The RCAC’s Gypsy Maker project aims to engage Gypsy Roma Traveller communities with the general public by commissioning new bodies of work by Gypsy Roma Traveller artists, thus enabling a dialogue to open between diverse communities that increase the knowledge of under-represented groups.


Tracey Harding, Arts Development and Arts Central Gallery Manager, said: “We are delighted to be working with the RCAC, and are looking forward to hosting Billy Kerry and Artur Conker as part of the organisation’s continuing Gypsy Maker project.


“I’d like to invite the public to join us in meeting the artists at the opening of the exhibition on 01 April.”


The opening takes place between 3.00pm – 4.30pm, with free admission granted Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 4.30pm thereafter, except Saturdays, where the gallery closes at 3.30pm.