Vale of Glamorgan Council carries out £1.7 million home refurbishment programme


06 March 2017


A host of bungalows are being upgraded as part of a £1.7 million Vale of Glamorgan Council refurbishment scheme.

 Cllr Brooks at 8 Pardoe Crescent


Seventeen properties on Pardoe Crescent, Coldbrook Road East, Ashgrove and Tordoff Way in Barry will undergo extensive improvement works, which involve replacing all but the concrete base of the buildings.


Previously made of a timber frame and aluminium cladding, the bungalows now have concrete cavity walls, new windows, doors, roofs, kitchens and bathrooms, while some landscaping work has also been carried out in the gardens.

Five bungalows have been fully refurbished, another four are 70 per cent complete, with work on the remaining homes set to start in the next few months.

No. 8 Pardoe Crescent is the first flat to be completed, the improvements costing around £90,000, and the amount spent on the project in total is likely to be around the £1.7 million-mark.

Cllr Bronwen Brooks, Cabinet Member for Housing and Social Care and Health, said: “The Vale of Glamorgan Council is delighted to be able to make such wholesale improvements to these properties.

“This work will see residents’ bungalows transformed into comfortable, modern homes and we hope such a change will make a significant impact on their quality of life.

“We are committed to providing the best accommodation possible for Council tenants and the level of investment we have made in this case is testament to that.”

Caroline Mason of 8 Pardoe Crescent said: “It’s amazing. We’ve lived here for 21 years and now we’ve got a much better house. It’s a lot warmer and I’m a lot happier,” 

“We’ve got a shower, which we didn’t used to have. If you’d seen it before, it’s 100 per cent better because we used to have metal slats going across the ceiling and there were problems with central heating.

“We have a much better quality of life. It’s much brighter, the windows are bigger so there’s a lot more light coming in. the whole family is just really happy.

“Everyone was really good. The house went up so quickly and within six months to the day we were back. We were in in time for Christmas, which was just what we wanted.”