Sully primary students host Senedd meeting in Vale of Glamorgan Council Chamber 

Primary pupils took over the Council’s Chamber as they hosted their very own meeting modelled on the Welsh Assembly Government’s Senedd. 

  • Thursday, 23 November 2017 10:32 AM | Vale of Glamorgan

Students from Sully Primary School took part in voting for their representative, such as Minster for Sport and Minister for Environment.


 Sully kids

The Vale of Glamorgan Mayor Cllr Janice Charles assisted the First Minister to conduct the meeting, along with Cllr Rachel Nugent-Finn.



Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Bob Penrose said: “It was a pleasure welcoming the school children to the Council Chamber to allow them to conduct their Senedd meeting and using the council equipment.


"This was the first event of its kind, and I hope this can be followed by other schools in the Vale of Glamorgan.”



The Senedd discussed ambassador roles and topics relating to Central and local government, as well as their school’s aims and objections for the next coming year. 



Youth Champion Cllr Leighton Rowlands, who also attended the event, said: “It was great to welcome children to the Council Chamber to break down the preserved barrier that the council is a stuffy institution”.  


 Sully kids at Senedd