Vale of Glamorgan Council presses ahead with fresh vision for Cowbridge Livestock Market site

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is pressing ahead with an ambitious plan to boost Cowbridge town centre by regenerating the Livestock Market site following approval by Cabinet on Monday.


  • Monday, 23 October 2017 16:02 PM | Vale of Glamorgan, Cowbridge and Rural Vale

The proposals include the redevelopment of the site through the relocation of the existing Livestock Market to an edge of town site.


Part of the redevelopment will include the provision for the Vale Market Community Enterprise (VMCE) to erect The Exchange’, a new community building on the site alongside much needed improvements to public car parking.  


Cowbridge marketAnd there is a possibility the town wall can be restored by the Charter Trust, subject to funding, viability and statutory consents.


This plan has been set out by a new Project Board put in place by the Council after this area of Cowbridge was identified as being in need of comprehensive regeneration.


The new Board, established following this year’s local elections, believes there is great potential for a high quality and sustainable development of the site owing to its town centre location at the heart of Cowbridge Conservation Area and adjacent to the historic town wall.

Cllr John Thomas, Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “We believe the regeneration of this site will strengthen the town centre, provide much needed public car parking, and retain the opportunity for the VMCE to deliver The Exchange and the Charter Trust to pursue restoring the historic town walls.

“Constructive meetings have been held between the Board, the market operator, Glam Marts, and VMCE and the Board is already working with Glam Marts to identify an alternative location that could see the livestock market established as part of an exciting new ‘agricultural hub’ for the local area.


“We know this is ambitious and a significant step up from what may have been considered in the past. This is an exciting opportunity to provide for a comprehensive redevelopment of a site for the benefit of residents, businesses and the wider community.  Clearly any new development would have to be sympathetically designed to respect its historic context and the conservation area status. We are, however, determined to see it succeed and Cowbridge town centre become more vibrant than ever.”

The VMCE has agreed that the proposals regarding the future of the livestock market, the creation of the community ‘Exchange' building and the increased parking facility has great potential.


Cowbridge market 1

Mandy Davies, VMCE Chair, said: “At the heart of this project is the need to provide a facility that will increase the footfall to the town, support the community and retain Cowbridge’s market-town heritage. It is a multi-faceted project as it includes the livestock market, 'The Exchange' building, additional and improved parking and hopefully the restoration of the town wall. As always there is a balancing act required to ensure the right outcomes.  We welcome the positive attitude of the new council Project Board and will continue to work closely with them, Glam Marts and Cowbridge Charter Trust to bring about the best outcome for our town, our farmers, our retailers and our community.”