Vale of Glamorgan Council meet with Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd

01 September 2017

VALE of Glamorgan Council Leader John Thomas and Cabinet Member for Learning and Culture Bob Penrose recently attended a meeting with Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd (PACL) as they look to safeguard the future of Penarth Pier and Pavilion. 

The Council recognises the building’s important role within the community and provided significant support towards its refurbishment in 2013.

 Penarth Pier

PACL has been able to lease the Pavilion at a peppercorn rate, were given £800,000 towards renovations - in addition to money from the Heritage Lottery Fund – and received a £100,000 grant to help support the group during its first year of trading.

The Councillors were keen to further understand the issues that had previously led to the Pier cinema being closed as well as the reduction in opening times for the Pavilion.


Councillor Thomas said: “The Vale of Glamorgan Council recognises the historic and cultural significance of both Penarth Pier and the Pavilion.  It is without doubt an iconic landmark that deserves to be put to effective use for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.  I am aware of the level of public interest in the future use of the pavilion and since forming the new administration, I have taken an active role in discussions regarding the future of the Pavilion. 


“I, along with my Cabinet colleague Bob Penrose and officers met with representatives from Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd recently, at the Pavilion to discuss the current situation and I have asked that officers continue the dialogue over coming weeks.  I remain resolute in my commitment that such an important location and landmark deserves to be put to sustainable and appropriate long-term use, that is open for all to enjoy.”

Cllr Penrose said: “I fully understand the strength of feeling being expressed that the Pavilion should be used to its full potential.  It is for this reason that I attended a meeting with Penarth Arts and Crafts representatives recently to fully understand the current situation and plans for the future.

“I want to assure all those who share an interest in the future of this cultural asset that what is of primary concern to me is that the Pavilion has a long-term and sustainable use of which the community of Penarth and the wider Vale of Glamorgan can be proud. To this end, we will continue discussions and as and when more information becomes available, we will of course share that information with all those with an interest.”