Council Leader attends Show Racism the Red card event

VALE of Glamorgan Council Leader John Thomas and Managing Director Rob Thomas attended a Show Racism the Red Card event for All Saints Primary School at Jenner Park.


  • Monday, 19 February 2018


    Vale of Glamorgan

Organised in partnership with the Council, education worker and former Wales international footballer Steve Jenkins delivered a morning workshop to the young people, educating them on the topic of racism through interactive activities and discussions.

Pupils had been asked to prepare for an anti-racism press conference, which involved creating a newspaper name and researching prejudice in sport and wider society.


redcardThey read newspapers and online blogs to see how they were written and then had to produce an article of their own.

Barry Town United manager Gavin Chesterfield, assistant manager Mike Cosslett and player Jordan Cotterill also attended the event, taking part in the press conference and were joined by Vale of Glamorgan Mayor Janice Charles.

Every pupil received a match ticket for a Barry Town United FC match in the Welsh Premier League.

Cllr Thomas said: I was delighted to attend such an important event, in which the issues of racism and discrimination were highlighted to children in a thoughtful and engaging way.

“As a Council, we are committed to promoting equality and diversity and recognise the importance of championing that message to the wider community. Events such as this play a key part in achieving that.”