New collection arrangements proposed for waste and recycling in the Vale

A move to separated recycling and a limit on the number of black bags to be collected is being proposed by the Vale of Glamorgan Council as part of a new strategy to increase recycling levels and cut costs. 


  • Friday, 16 February 2018

    Vale of Glamorgan

If a report to the Council’s cabinet on Monday is agreed the consultation could soon begin on how best to implement these changes, with the new measures due to come into effect from September.  Recycling lorry

Cllr Geoff Cox, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport, said: “The Council must change the way in which we collect residents’ waste and recycling in order to bring our service into line with changes to the law, and more importantly make it economically and environmentally sustainable.


“The changes I propose have been determined following a thorough evaluation of all the potential options and are subject to the Council receiving a substantial capital grant from Welsh Government to assist with infrastructure costs. How we go about implementing them, however, will be decided based on the views of residents. 


“As a county we have been set a challenging target by Welsh Government of recycling 70% of the Vale’s waste by 2025. We can only achieve this if more residents than ever are willing to play their role in recycling and we will soon be launching a public awareness campaign to inform residents of the changes and why we must all work together to make them a success.” 

The glass, paper, tins and plastic collected in the Vale is not recycled by the Council but rather sold by a re-processing contractor based in the North of England to private companies throughout the world. Due to the processing and travel costs involved the Council receives no income for the material.


Separated collections will result in much lower levels of contamination and in turn a higher sale price for the material. The Council will also be able to find its own markets due to the higher value of the material and will seek to find these markets as close to the Vale of Glamorgan as possible.  


Alongside the changes to collections the Council intends to build a new waste transfer station within the Vale where recyclable material can be stored before it is sold. 


The significant reduction in the costs of transporting recyclable material along with the higher sale price are predicted to result in savings to the Council of around £400,000 each year. As well as bringing the service into line with recent legislation.


The move away from a comingled collection system also qualifies the Council for significant financial support from Welsh Government.