Volunteers Needed for Recycling Survey

Volunteers needed as a move to separated recycling and limited black bags is being proposed by the Vale of Glamorgan Council as part of a new strategy to increase recycling levels


  • Tuesday, 20 February 2018

    Vale of Glamorgan

Selection or recycling

The change to separated collections will result in much lower levels of contamination. The Council must change the way in which we collect residents’ waste and recycling in order to bring our service into line with changes to the law, and more importantly make it economically and environmentally sustainable.


As a county we have been set a challenging target by Welsh Government of recycling 70% of the Vale’s waste by 2025. We can only achieve this if more residents than ever are willing to play their role in recycling and we will soon be launching a public awareness campaign to inform residents of the changes and why we must all work together to make them a success.


Volunteer Households Needed

We are looking for a variety of households from across the Vale ranging from single occupancy or shared housing to families of four or more.


Residents would need to be willing to allow us to collect their waste and recycling and carry out a survey on the waste produced in a fortnight. 


This is a unique opportunity for residents to increase their recycling and reduce waste ahead of the proposed changes. Participants taking part will receive a free recycling kit and goodies.


If you would like to take part in this experiment please complete the following form and send it to: 



*Applications Now Closed*


For more information about proposed changes to waste and recycling please read our letter from Cllr Geoff Cox, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport:



Waste and Recycling Changes Explained