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We don't mind what industry you are in, but we are interested in your ideas. If you have an idea which you think will benefit your business community, then we would like to hear from you, your ideas may help to simplify a process, innovate the way things are done or increase productivity.


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commercial kitchen 1

Commercial Kitchen

The project is to explore the concept of a commercial kitchen in the rural Vale.  This would be a kitchen for hire by producers needing a larger working space on an ad hoc basis.  The kitchen would be equipped with specialist, expensive or bulky catering equipment which small producers may not normally have access to.  This would enable them to develop their ideas in a registered space.  Funding has initially been awarded for a feasibility study to explore requirements. 


If you would like to hire a commercial grade kitchen on an hourly or daily basis, then please complete our survey so that we can learn more about your specific requirements.


Producers Survey

Rabble Studio coworking space

Creating Inspiring workspaces

The project is to explore opportunities to develop flexible workspace in the rural Vale using underused / redundant rural buildings. A network of businesses searching for workspaces and property owners who have underused / redundant buildings have come together to learn and explore opportunities to create new inspiring workspaces in the rural Vale.


Creating Inspiring Workspaces


Inspiring Workspaces Network Events


Glamorgan Smallholders

Glamorgan Smallholders

Funding has been granted to the newly formed Glamorgan Smallholder group (initially only with a couple of members) to develop a new larger group of smallholders to come together to share ideas, practices and experiences.  This will involve holding regular meetings for an initial period of approximately 6 months with guest speakers and share marketing opportunities for promoting rural Vale products, countryside and activities.

Eng Logo

Food Vale Engagement Event

The Food Vale Partnership is a new group exploring the value of food, and the possibility of becoming a Sustainable Food City/ Region.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness of the group and engage a wider group of food stakeholders. A summary of the event has been captured in the visual minutes.


Visual Minutes


School Catering Supply Chain

The catering department of the Vale of Glamorgan Council is creating a Local Authority Trading Company. Once established, the company will not be bound by the same procurement rules as the council and can therefore source produce locally.

This study will explore the feasibility of sourcing local produce for school dinners in the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Business to business

Business to Business

This project will explore the current offer of B2B support within the Vale, where businesses go for support and what they need from this.

There may be an opportunity to create a catalogue/ online presence for businesses displaying the B2B support that is on offer.