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Residents and Businesses in the Vale of Glamorgan will be amongst the first in Wales to benefit from the pioneering multimillion pound programme Superfast Cymru, bringing nationwide fibre broadband to Wales


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Fibre broadband is the next generation of broadband - much faster, more reliable and it uses a different technology.


Whilst traditional broadband is delivered via copper telephone lines, fibre broadband uses fibre optic cable. 


This will have the power to transform the life, work and play of citizens across the Vale of Glamorgan. What's more, Superfast broadband will boost the economy locally, enabling businesses to work more effectively in new ways and reach out to new customers.



Couple using a laptopThe rollout

Fibre is already available in some areas including Barry, Llantwit Major and Penarth through BT’s commercial rollout. We will be re-visiting some of these exchanges under the Superfast Cymru programme.  Eight telephone exchanges which serve the Vale of Glamorgan will be upgraded under the Superfast Cymru programme.



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Areas of Cowbridge, Dinas Powys, Rhoose, Southerndown, Sully, Wick and St Athan are amongst the first communities in the Vale of Glamorgan to be able to access this new service under the programme. Bonvilston is scheduled to go live in Spring 2016.


Register an interest

If you are a resident of the Vale of Glamorgan, register your interest on the Superfast Cymru website.  You will be kept in the loop on the programme’s progress and you will get an e-shot letting you know when fibre broadband becomes available to you.  There are a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering the service, so you can just shop around and choose the best deal for you.  



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