Drawing and Painting Mixed Media

Course Information

Course Code - C2AR009D
Start Date - 17/01/2018
End Date - 28/03/2018
Course Day - Wednesday
No of Weeks - 10
Time - 01:30 PM - 03:30 PM
Tutor - Francine Davies
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  • Band A - £89.00
  • Band B - £69.00

Course Description

Drawing and Painting Mixed Media

This course will explore, develop and experiment with techniques/skills, colour, perspective and composition in painting and drawing and use a variety of mediums.

The learner will exercise, discuss research and experiment with techniques alongside developing an appreciation of other artists’ work. 


Individuals will have the opportunity to discuss their individual learning requirements with the tutor and the opportunity to develop their own style and techniques.


What do I need to bring along?

Learners will need to have access to a variety of their own art materials (Nb. This can be developed over the course). Access to at least one medium of paint at early sessions alongside basic drawing materials (i.e pens, paper, charcoal pencils etc.) When learners do not have materials I do let them access my own. A small contribution will allow me to keep a variety of materials available when necessary.


Meet the Artist - Francine Davies


To suggest I am a self taught artist would deny a mass of influences and opportunities that have helped me develop in to the artist I am today.  I have a Degree in Geography and Geology which gives me an intricate knowledge of my chosen subject matter.  Fieldwork, observation of colour, textures, patterns, processes and composition alongside experimentation and spontaneity are fundamental to my work.  A further influence stemming from this part of my education is a preoccupation with perspective and prospect.  How we see our environment and how we choose to experience and express ourselves in it also provides a major influence on my work as a whole. Combining this with my experience in counselling and community development my style of painting and textiles celebrate difference and self expression and aim to release the creative side of children and adults. I believe everyone has the potential to be creative and I am constantly developing my own skills, styles and techniques to keep work fresh and exciting.

Venue - Village Hall Wick

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