Outdoor Painting at St Donats

Course Information

Course Code - C2AR056A
Start Date - 12/04/2018
End Date - 12/04/2018
Course Day - Thursday
No of Weeks - 1
Time - 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Tutor - Peter Cronin
Outdoor Painting at St Donats
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  • Band A - £35.00
  • Band B - £35.00

Course Description

Outdoor Painting at St Donats


The ultimate painting challenge and how to approach it.


Please bring along compact watercolour equipment. Warm clothing. An easel is recommended for this session.


Meet the Artist Peter Cronin

Peter has been teaching the craft of watercolour and drawing for some years now. He is a self taught artist and believes this to have benefited his ability as a tutor.

He is an elected member of The Royal Society of Marine Artists, the Royal watercolour Society of Wales and the Pure Watercolour Society. So students can be assured of his credibility in his chosen painting medium.


Peter believes in ‘actively’ teaching so his classes are full of critiques and advice, as well as analysis of established artists techniques and methods. He will demonstrate freely to explain a given method or technique but also believes that this information is there for the student to accept or disregard according to their own tastes and development. He has developed his own unique teaching style and methods that ensure the classes are entertaining, whilst serious in their pursuit of artistic progress for the student.

Venue - St Donats Art Centre

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