Drawing and Portrait Drawing for Beginners

Course Information

Course Code - C2AR104D
Start Date - 26/09/2018
End Date - 05/12/2018
Course Day - Wednesday
No of Weeks - 10
Time - 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Tutor - Lucy Jones
Drawing and Portrait Drawing for Beginners
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  • Band A - £92.00
  • Band B - £73.00

Course Description

This course is aimed at complete beginners and will introduce you to drawing. You will learn how to use various drawing techniques and exciting drawing media.
Working in pencil, charcoal, graphite and expressive media you will capture a range of still-life objects, learning the fundamentals of proportion, light and shade, and simple perspective.
Once you have tackled the basics you will then learn how to draw portraits focusing on proportions, measuring techniques and how to apply tonal qualities. The class will be run in a relaxed and informal manner, with demonstrations shown and constructive feedback and advice given to help the student improve.

Venue - Cowbridge Community College

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