iPad for Improvers

Course Information

Course Code - C2CP018D
Start Date - 06/11/2017
End Date - 04/12/2017
Course Day - Monday
No of Weeks - 5
Time - 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Tutor - Ren Perini
iPad for Improvers
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Course Description

This course will begin with a quick recap of the “Meet the iPad” course, connecting to the WiFi / Internet and the setup of the Cloud Internet.


You will learn how to use the Internet using Safari (Apples Web Browser), this will include:

Searching on the web

Looking up websites

Create New Tabs

Bookmarking favourite sites

Sending links of websites

Using the Share Icon

Use Google images

Save images from Internet  

Screen shot

Privacy settings

Clearing history

Adding shortcut of Websites to home screen


Use the Camera to take photos and videos

Take photos with an iPad

Edit photo; rotate, enhance, filters, redeye, crop

Add / Create Albums

Delete photos

Create Collage of photos.

Share photos via Email and text message

Identify Social Media platforms / websites that use photos 

Eg: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter

Use photos in the Pages App to create an invitation, poster etc


Compose an email.

Review setup of email on an iPad / More than one email account

How to add additional email accounts to an iPad

Create an email, add contact, Reply, Forward

Create folders within an email account, save emails

Go to your sent folder to find the email sent

Sending Attachments such as documents, photos etc – Send and Open

Delete email

iPads will be provided for course.


Learners will find it beneficial to bring a notebook and pen to make personal notes.


Meet the Tutor – Ren Perini

I have been teaching Computers for over 10 years. From laptops to ipads, I thoroughly enjoy teaching Adults new skills. Its a real pleasure in seeing learners overcome their fears and embrace modern technology. The lessons are fun, informative and interactive with plenty of practise.

Venue - Cowbridge Community College

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