Willow Basket Making for Beginners (19 Jan, 16 Feb, 16 Mar)

Course Information

Course Code - C2CT075A
Start Date - 19/01/2018
End Date - 06/03/2018
Course Day - Friday
No of Weeks - 3
Time - 09:30 AM - 03:30 PM
Tutor - Out to learn Willow
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  • Band A - £95.00
  • Band B - £95.00

Course Description

Day 1  - Small Round Basket


This course introduces the first steps in basketmaking.  Students will learn about the cultivation and use of willow for basketmaking.  The we will be hands on to make a round willow base, insert side stakes and a simple weave to allow students to create a round fruit or bread basket with a simple  'trac' border.


Day 2 - Frame Basket


This course teaches the other type of basketmaking common in Wales.  Students will make a round hoop and handle and then insert a series of ribs to weave around to produce a frame basket useful for the kitchen or garden.



Day 3 - Berry Picking Basket with Handle


This course revises the initial techniques of weaving a round base and staking up a basket.  We will then learn a new weave for the sides and also how to insert and peg a handle to produce a beautiful little fruit picking basket with a simple trac border.  We will introduce the use of fresh coloured willow during this course.


Please note there will be an additional charge of £5 per workshop payable to the tutor for the supply of willow.

Venue - Cowbridge Community College