Creative Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction

Course Information

Course Code - C2GI003D
Start Date - 16/01/2018
End Date - 27/03/2018
Course Day - Tuesday
No of Weeks - 10
Time - 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Tutor - Colum SANSON-REGAN
Creative Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction
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  • Band A - £89.00
  • Band B - £69.00

Course Description

Meet the Author Colum Sanson-Regan, a novelist, short story and script writer.


A course which examines successful short fiction and non-fiction writing within a small supportive tutor-led group. This course provides participants with the structures and support to experiment with, develop and complete their own works of fiction or non-fiction to a submission standard. Ideal for those wishing to start or develop short/full length fiction, biography, autobiography and memoir.


Throughout this course participants will


Gain an understanding of the important elements of storytelling and explore techniques to incorporate these elements into their writing


Receive constructive & rigorous feedback on their writing, with the aim of developing individual and vibrant writing voices.


Enhance their abilities & interest in writing in a friendly supportive environment of peers through engagement in moderated workshops.


Examine and experiment with approaches to writing fiction and non-fiction.


Learn how to construct and present their writing to a professional standard.


Work to deadlines, complete writing exercises and two full length pieces (5,000 and 2,000 word) to submission standard.


All of the classes are supported by handouts and example reading lists.

Weeks 1-5 include short writing exercises to be completed by the following week, designed to aid and inspire the development of the 2,000 and 5,000 word pieces.

Weeks 6-10 include workshopping of full length pieces to provide opportunity for the development and refinement of these pieces. Students will be expected to apply topics addressed in weeks 6-10 to their own pieces, allowing for experimentation and feedback within the workshop. Tutor support and individual feedback will also be provided. 


Venue - Cowbridge Community College

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