Creative Writing for Beginners

Course Information

Course Code - C2GI007E
Start Date - 08/11/2017
End Date - 06/12/2017
Course Day - Wednesday
No of Weeks - 5
Time - 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Tutor - Deborah Morgan
Creative Writing for Beginners
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  • Band A - £44.50
  • Band B - £34.50

Course Description

Creative Writing for Beginners

This is a practical course designed to teach the basic skills required to write creatively. You will learn how to:


Craft stories using writers’ techniques.


Develop credible characters by examining voice, appearance, thoughts and actions.


Plot a story arch, experimenting with status, different points of view and timelines.


Whilst finding your individual style, you will understand the importance of language pace in creating tension or humour.


Develop scenes by both showing and telling dramatic action.


And finally learn to edit including: splicing, cutting, and re-writing.

Venue - Cowbridge Community College

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