So You Think You Cant Draw

Course Information

Course Code - C3AR036E
Start Date - 25/09/2018
End Date - 04/12/2018
Course Day - Tuesday
No of Weeks - 10
Time - 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Tutor - Nicola Tucker
So You Think You Cant Draw
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  • Band A - £92.00
  • Band B - £73.00

Course Description

So You Think You Cant Draw

This course is for complete beginners. Learners will look at the basic application of mark making and drawing for fun, building confidence with application of line and shape making for automatic drawing. This course will also  consider other aspects  and language that applies to drawing i.e. colour application, foreground, background and landscape


Method : Tutor demonstrations, guided group activity , one to one  support and  group input


Week 1-2  Mark Making/ automatic drawing /tone and line application

 (familiarity with pencil use and pressure required for basic description)


Week 3-4 Shading/ grounding/ placing items for perspective / an introduction to colour application and an introduction to still life ( drawing to gather information)


Week 5-6  project : Bloomin Fablus –  draw from observation  for fun - bring an item to draw – learners are invited to bring an autumnal find (leaves acorns, conkers etc… for the class to consider drawing


Week 7-8 Application of colour to  project pieces :   


Week 9-10  Review, and final project  


*Practice your signatures  as we hope to inspire you as budding artists to continue or join some of the other art courses the Vale offers



Venue - Penarth Learning Community

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