Photoshop - Understanding Layers

Course Information

Course Code - C2CP062A
Start Date - 01/04/2017
End Date - 01/04/2017
Course Day - Saturday
No of Weeks - 1
Time - 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Tutor - Glyn Evans
Photoshop - Understanding Layers
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  • Band A - £35.00
  • Band B - £35.00

Course Description

Photoshop - Understanding Layers

One of the most versatile aspects of Photoshop is how to use and understand Layers.


Layers are basically a series of individual “pages” that can be edited, modified and enhanced that can be added to the original without affecting the original image.

Each Layer is totally separate and can be used to build up a composite image.


Layers can be added automatically when certain tools or filters are selected or as created as independent features.


The course will guide you around the key aspects of using Layers in Photoshop Elements.


In order to understand Layers the course will include practical exercises to help you improve and develop your Photoshop skills.


Please bring along:

Blank Memory Stick, note book and pen.

Exercise images and work handouts are included in the course programme.

A Memory Stick is essential as work cannot be saved directly to the college lap tops.


Meet the Photographer - Glyn Evans

I am a freelance photographer based in Cowbridge. My photography work includes press, sports and Welsh Country Shows and Events.

I also teach a number of photography and photoshop courses for Vale Courses and deliver a range of independent courses in a number of different locations in South Wales.

Venue - Cowbridge Community College

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