Holton Road Commercial Renewal Area

Commercial Renewal Areas are designated areas in which financial assistance is targeted to encourage high standard building improvements through offering grant assistance.

 Holton Road Renewal Area

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The Grant Assistance is offered through two grant products.

  • Commercial Improvement Grant - Offers potential applicants the opportunity (subject to statutory consents) to apply for a grant for a new shop front external works only. This grant is discretionary but is available at an intervention rate of up to a maximum of 65% of eligible costs.

  • Town Centre Living Grant - Offers potential applicants the opportunity (subject to statutory consents) to apply for a grant to undertake external works to vacant space above shop frontages to assist owners to bring that space into use for residential purposes. The grant intervention rate for the Town Centre Living Grant is up to a maximum of 75% of eligible costs and would form part of a package of incentives available from the Council by combining with the Houses into Homes Loan Schemefor internal works.


Who Can Apply?

Applications that meet the necessary grants criteria can be accepted from freeholders or leaseholders with leasehold interests of seven years or more, from within the area. 

What Work is Eligible?

Improvement works to the exterior façade of the commercial properties within the indicative boundary are eligible for assistance:


  • External brickwork and stonework repairs

  • High quality replacement roller shutters

  • Creation of new entrances and shop fronts to access upper floors

  • Windows, doors and shop front replacement

Any proposed works will have to be in line with the shop front design guidance issued by the Council and make a contribution to the enhancement of the streetscape.




To find out more about the grants available or obtain additional information about the Holton Road Commercial Renewal Area please contact: David Williams, Principal Regeneration Officer: