Taste of Greece

Course Information

Course Code - C3GI140E
Start Date - 04/11/2019
End Date - 02/12/2019
Course Day - Monday
No of Weeks - 5
Time - 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Tutor - Leda Fotopoulou
Taste of Greece
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  • Band A - £73.75
  • Band B - £64.75

Course Description

Greek Cookery


Greek food is simple and elegant, with flavors subtle to robust, textures smooth to crunchy, fresh and timeless, nutritious and healthy. Preparing and enjoying Greek food, anywhere in the world, is an adventurous journey into the cradle of civilization and the land of the Gods of Olympus. Discovering, tasting, experiencing Greek food: truly one of the joys we can all learn and share with family and friends.


Meet the tutor Leda Fotopoulou

Some people escape in dreams of sandy beaches and sunny skies, I escape in dreams of doughy extravaganzas, smoked chipotle peppers and lip smacking good sauces.  Kitchen is my comfort zone and my creativity as an artist flourishes in the midst of sizzling pans, candy thermometers and simmering pots. I’m happiest when sharing my table with friends and family discussing our day while enjoying simple, homemade, mouth-watering dishes.

Venue - Penarth Learning Community

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