Painting Flowers in Watercolour

Course Information

Course Code - V4AR311D
Start Date - 18/01/2022
End Date - 29/03/2022
Course Day - Tuesday
No of Weeks - 10
Time - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Tutor - Christine Lloyd
Painting Flowers in Watercolour
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Course Description

Painting Flowers in Watercolour

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This course explores painting flowers in water colours. It aims to show you what materials and techniques are needed to understand how to interpret flower forms in this exciting medium. In this series the tutor will provide demonstrations of autumn themes and individual support to ensure that learners can work at their own level and at their own pace.

During the course learners will learn how to:

· Mix watercolours

· Use a variety of techniques

· Use colour theory

· Plan composition

· Investigate the properties of watercolour

As you progress, you will:

· Explore traditional and contemporary techniques and applications

· Investigate and use different watercolour papers

· Identify which brushes to use for various techniques

· Gain the confidence to apply water colour painting techniques to flowers of your choice

You will have access to video and PDF materials which are sent out on a weekly basis.


What do you need to bring to the course?

A list of materials will be sent on registration.

You will need a basic palette of watercolour paints in tube or pans and watercolour paper.



Venue - Zoom Online

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