Nest and Trail Camera

Cosmeston Lakes Country Park has a nest box camera and a spypoint surveillance camera. The footage captured from both cameras can be seen in the visitor centre and images from the nest box camera will also be uploaded to this page for all to see.


Spypiont surveillance trail cameraSpypoint Trail Camera

The ‘Spypoint’ surveillance trail camera can capture both stills and video in colour with infrared capabilities for night time recording.  The camera will be positioned at various locations throughout the country park to record any wildlife that might walk past.  The images from the trail camera will be on show in the visitor centre for all to view.




Nestbox located on Visitor Centre building at CosmestonNest Box Camera

A nest box with internal camera has been erected on the main visitor centre building above the entrance door. The nest box is equipped with a camera and speaker which will relay live pictures and sound directly to the 42inch screen in the visitor centre for visitors to watch. Still images are taken off the screen and uploaded to this web page to keep everyone informed of progress.


For the fourth year in a row since the nest box was erected in 2012 it is in use once again.  The first picture of nest building in progress can be seen below, additional pictures will be added over the coming weeks.



Nest Box Family 2016

Blue Tits are a colourful mix of blue, yellow, white and green making them one of our most attractive and most recognisable garden visitors. They are inquisitive little birds common in woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens. They're widespread and found across the whole of the UK typically feeding on Insects, caterpillars, seeds and nuts.


Typical Lifespan 3 years, maximum recorded age: 9 years 9 months 2 days (set in 1990)

Age at First Breeding: 1 year

First Clutches laid: 12 Apr - 11 May

Clutch Size: 8 - 10 eggs

Incubation: 13- 15 days by the female

Fledging: 18 - 21days

The Welsh for Blue Tit: Titw Tomos Las


The 'Class of 2016'

 Blue Tit eggs 2016












Friday 13th May

7 eggs in the nest, they hatched on 15th May


 blue tit chicks 2016












Monday 30th May

Chicks waiting for food with open mouths.


 Blue tit leaves the nest 2016












Friday 3rd June

The last chick leaves the nest box.






The 'Class of 2015'


Blue Tit eggs starting to hatch

Sunday 10th May:

The Blue Tit eggs started to hatch at 2:45pm.

Blue Tit chicks in the nest box at 8 days old

Monday 18th May

Blue Tit with her chicks in the nest at 8 days old.

.Blue Tit entering the nest box to feed her young

Sunday 24th May

Blue Tit enters the nest box to feed her chicks



The 'Class of 2014'


Blue Tit eggs 2014


Tuesday 25th March: Pair of Blue Tits were busy collecting nesting materials (moss and grass) to line the nest box.

Blue Tit chicks in nest waiting to be fed.


Sunday 4th May: The eggs have hatched, the parents will now be busy feeding their young.

The first Blue Tit chick leaving the nest boxSunday 25th March: At 10:14am the first Blue Tit chick left the nest. The last chick left at 4:49PM.



The 'Class of 2013'


Blue Tit eggs in the nest


28th April 2013:

A pair of Blue Tits start to build their nest.

Newly hatched Blue Tit chicks in the nest with no feathers


13th May 2013: Eight eggs could be seen in the nest. By 27 May seven chicks successfully hatch.

Blue Tit chicks in nest box fully grown and ready to leave


June 17th: After a busy 3 weeks feeding, the chicks left the nest box between 8.30am - 11.30am