Low Cost Home Ownership 

The Hedgerows, Barry


2 Bedroom Houses for Sale - £94,500*

(*70% of Market Value - £135,000)

Are you a first time buyer?

Want to own a home of your own?

Unable to afford market prices?

Look no further, home ownership could be within reach.


Eligible applicants will:

  • Have lived or worked in the Vale of Glamorgan for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Be a first time buyer.
  • Be able to raise a mortgage for the value of the property.
  • Have access to a deposit; usually 5-15% of the property value (I.e. £4,725 - £14,175).
  • Not exceed the maximum household income; £35,000 for a single applicant or £40,000 a joint application.

This is a fantastic opportunity to buy a new build property in a desirable location at an affordable price.


If you are interested in purchasing this property please read the advertFrequently Asked Questions and complete the Application Form. Please note that eligibility criteria apply.


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