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Penarth Renewal Area

The ten year Renewal Area project in Penarth was completed on the 31 March 2011. 


The Penarth Central Renewal Area project has been successful in reversing the decline of the area and providing opportunity for residents in the future. Looking back on the original objectives shows how far the Renewal Area has come in ten years and underlines the effectiveness of renewal areas in fuelling change.


Penarth Renewal Area


Achievements made:

  • Housing unfitness reduced from 76% to 0%
  • 438 properties improved through Group Repair (take up of 81%)
  • Over £15 million invested in Group Repair Schemes.
  • Energy efficiency initiative carried out on 370 homes.
  • Over £444,000 spent on Environmental schemes.
  • Over £146,000 spent on Community projects.

The results of a “Customer Satisfaction survey” showed that 100% of residents felt the Renewal Area initiative was contributing to the improvement of the locality with 95% stating they thought the improvements made would be long lasting.