M4 (Junction 34) to A48 Transport Improvements

A consultation has taken place on proposed routes for a new road between junction 34 of the M4 and the Sycamore Cross junction of the A48 and a Park and Ride at Junction 34 of the M4. 

M4 road sign


The Council has been working with an independent technical consultant to develop proposals for a new road linking the M4 and A48 and a new park and ride at Junction 34 of the M4. 


This follows a study of the transport links between the two and access to Cardiff Airport that was conducted in 2017. 


Two possible road routes have been identified, both of which would improve links between the M4 and A48, reduce journey times to the airport, and help tackle local traffic congestion.


The public and other interested groups were asked to comment on these proposals in 2018. The Review Group (who were appointed to make recommendations) considered the matter on 02 October 2018. An update report on this scheme is due to go to Cabinet early 2019.


On 30 November 2018 the Council was advised by Welsh Government that it had been successful in its bid for a further £118,000 in year funding for 2018/19 to undertake additional work for this scheme.



If you'd like more information or to discuss the proposals with one of our transport team then please get in touch.


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