Planning Decisions

The Council can grant permission unconditionally or subject to conditions as it thinks fit, or can refuse permission.


In considering an application, the Local Planning Authority must have regard to the "provisions of the development plan, so far as material to the application, and to any other material considerations."


The Council is not bound absolutely by the provisions of the development plan. The Welsh Government may call in an application if it raises issues of more than local importance.



The Council take into account relevant planning policies and standards, and have regard to the site's previous planning history and to Government circulars and policy notes.


Decisions on previous appeals also provide guidance as to what are relevant considerations.


Neighbours and statutory consultees are consulted in order to seek their views on planning applications which may affect them.  


Advisory notes for neighbours and consultees are available to advise interested parties on those matters which can be considered as material considerations to planning applications; and those matters which are not considered to be planning matters and will not be given any weight in the determination of the application.



When comments are submitted in relation to planning applications that are being reported to Planning Committee, outside of the statutory consultation period of 21 days, it should be noted that those comments may be received too late to be included within the formal committee report. However, in order to ensure that members of the public and other organisations/bodies with an interest are not placed at a disadvantage, the Authority will accept and report observations received up until 12pm on the day before Committee. These comments are circulated in the form of a late report to Committee members on the evening before Committee by Email and are presented in hard copy form at the actual meeting.


Once the stages of consultation and publicity have been undertaken, the planning officer dealing with the application will, after visiting the site, present a report for submission either to the Head of Planning if the application is within the  Officer Delegated category or to the Council's Planning Committee.


Officer Delegated Decisions

Generally over 90% of the applications received are determined under the Council's officer delegated scheme. In very general terms, the smaller proposals e.g. house extensions, advertisements, changes of use etc. are usually "officer delegated" whereas the larger or potentially more controversial applications are determined by the Planning Committee.