Renewable Energy Guidance

Renewable energy technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, and biomass heaters are effective alternatives to fossil fuels and will help you to meet your own energy requirements and reduce your home's carbon dioxide emissions.


Generating renewable energy can help make your energy supply more secure, reduce your carbon footprint and also your energy bills over the longer term.

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

SPG is available for householders and developers on sustainable development and renewable energy technologies.


The SPG contains a developer’s check list which can be used to help identify areas where proposals can incorporate technologies or address the issues covered within the guidance. The checklist can also be used as a basis for drafting the Statement of Sustainability which is required for developments above certain thresholds.

Unitary Development Plan (UDP)

The UDP contains a number of strategic policies and specific policies relating to renewable energy

  • Policies 1, 2 (The Environment)
  • Policy 14 (Community and Utility Services)
  • Policy COMM 7 (Wind Generators and Farms)
  • Policy COMM 8 (Other Renewable Energy Schemes)