Call for Candidate Sites 

Following publication of the Delivery Agreement, the call for ‘candidate sites’ is the first formal stage of preparing the RLDP. At this stage, interested parties (e.g. a developer or landowner) are invited to submit potential sites referred to as ‘candidate sites’ for allocation in the RLDP to the Council. The Council will then assess each candidate site to determine its suitability.


The Candidate Site Process 

The Call for Candidate Sites is an important step in the Council’s evidence gathering process to inform future drafting of the RLDP. Site promoters are required to provide suitable evidence to robustly demonstrate the sustainability, deliverability and financial viability of sites.


The submission of detailed evidence upfront and early in the plan making process, as part of the Candidate Site stage, is essential to inform the delivery of the Preferred Strategy and subsequent plan stages.


Accordingly, a Candidate Site Submission Form (pdf), Guidance Note (pdf)Assessment Methodology (pdf) and Constraints Map have been prepared to assist site promoters with their submission, providing further details on the types of sites that are likely to be acceptable and the information that is required to be submitted in support of the proposal. Paper copies of the Form, Guidance Note and Methodology* are also available at the following locations during normal opening hours: 

  • Principal Office (Civic Office, Holton Road, Barry, CF63 4RU)

  • Dock Office (Barry Docks, Barry, CF63 4RT)

  • Barry Library

  • Cowbridge Library

  • Llantwit Major Library

  • Penarth Library


Candidate Site submissions received within the consultation period will be considered for inclusion within the RLDP and assessed in accordance with the assessment methodology. All of the candidate sites received will be recorded in a register which will be published at the Preferred Strategy stage (anticipated April 2023).  


Submission of a candidate site and its inclusion in the Candidate Sites Register must not be interpreted that the site is suitable for development and that it will be taken forward into the Deposit RLDP.

*All documents are available in other formats on request e.g. Welsh, large print.

What types of site can be submitted

Site promoters can submit sites for a range of uses. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Housing

  • Tourism and Recreation

  • Waste and Minerals 

  • Employment

  • Renewable Energy

  • Education 

  • Retail

  • Health, Education and Social Care

  • Gypsy and Traveller Sites

  • Community Facilities 

  • Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure 

  • Transport Infrastrucure


Please note – Undeveloped allocated sites in the adopted LDP (2011-2026) without planning permission will not necessarily be carried forward into the RLDP. Therefore, such sites should also be submitted as Candidate Sites.

How to submit a candidate site 

The Call for Candidate Sites will be held between 20 June 2022 and 13 September 2022 and sites can be submitted in the following ways:

  • Online 
    Candidate Site Submissions and supporting information can be sent to the LDP Team using the Online Consultation Portal via the following link:


    Submit a Candidate Site


    The Council encourages site promoters to complete the Candidate Site Submission Form via the online consultation portal, which includes functionality features including the ability to plot a site using a web mapping tool, as well as the ability to save and review information before formal submission and upload supporting documentation linked directly to the site submission. To submit an online form, you will need to register for an account. If you require any assistance please refer to the help guide

  • By Post
    Completed Candidate Site Submission Forms and supporting information can be sent to the LDP team at the following address:


    Dock Office

    Barry Docks


    CF63 4RT



Development Viability 

Financial Viability is a key consideration in the candidate site assessment process. Planning Policy Wales (PPW) 11 stipulates that a viability assessment must be provided for candidate sites to demonstrate whether delivery of the site is viable or not. Failure to submit a viability assessment may result in a proposed site not being included in the Deposit RLDP.


The Council has worked in partnership with other Councils across the region, alongside Town Planning and Development consultants Burrows-Hutchinson Ltd, to establish the Development Viability Model (DVM) assessment tool.  The DVM has been created as a comprehensive, user-friendly model that can be used by site promoters and decision makers for the purpose of assessing the financial viability of a development proposal.


For further information on the DVM and how to obtain a site-specific copy please follow the link: 


Development Viability

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