Listed Buildings

There are currently around 740 buildings and structures which have been listed as being of architectural and historic interest in the Vale of Glamorgan.


The responsibility for listing buildings lies with Cadw who are part of the Welsh Government



Grade I

Grade 1 buildings are of exceptional interest, and retain nearly all of their original character and construction detail. Only 4% of listed buildings in the Vale fall into this category.

Grade II *

Grade II * buildings retain much of their original character, and although still of exceptional significance, might not have been able to meet the criteria for Grade I status. Approx. 10% of listed buildings are Grade II*.

Grade II

Grade II buildings are of national importance in terms of their architectural / historic interest. The remaining 86% of listed buildings in the Vale of Glamorgan fall into this category.

Alterations to Listed Buildings

Listed Building status should not be seen as a bar to future alteration or change. However those elements which are essential to the character of a listed building, will be required to be preserved.


Protection afforded to a listed building relates not only to the primary building but also to any object or structure fixed to the building; and/or any object or structure within the curtilage of the building (in its grounds, garden, enclosure etc.) which, although not fixed to the building, forms part of the land and has done so since before 1 July 1948.


It is important to note that any works which will affect the character of a listed building, be they internal, external, structural or decorative, will require Listed Building Consent. This is quite separate to any requirement for Planning Permission or to obtain Building Regulations approval.


The Council provides guidance on making listed building consent applications and the appropriate repair of listed buildings


Unauthorised works to a listed building are viewed with great seriousness in law, and may result in prosecution proceedings. Fines of up to £20,000 and / or up to 12 months imprisonment may be awarded upon summary conviction.