Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP)

To ensure Local Development Plans (LDPs) are kept up to date, local planning authorities are required to review their Plan at least every 4 years from the date of adoption, or earlier if the findings of the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) indicate a need.


The Council is currently preparing a draft Review Report which will assess the effectiveness of the adopted LDP and confirm the revision procedure to be followed in preparing the RLDP.


A new draft Delivery Agreement is also being prepared which will contain a Community Involvement Scheme and timetable for preparing and adopting the RLDP.


It is anticipated that both the draft Review Report and the draft Delivery Agreement will be consulted upon in Autumn 2021 to obtain the views of stakeholders.


All comments received will be duly considered and amendments made to the documents if required. The Delivery Agreement must be agreed by the Welsh Government. Following this, the Council will formally commence work on preparing the new RLDP which will cover the period 2021 to 2036.


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