Fire Safety

Part B: Fire Safety - This is the largest of the Approved Documents as the subject is both wide-ranging and complex.


There are five requirements which, when taken together, aim to ensure that a fire in a building will not endanger the safety of the occupants, neighbours or firefighters.


All buildings need to be designed and constructed to have a means of escape in case of fire to a place of safety outside the building.


Internal wall and ceiling surfaces need to be of materials that resist the spread of flame over their surfaces and do not release excessive heat once ignited.


The structure of the building needs to have sufficient fire resistance to maintain it's stability for a reasonable period. To prevent fire spreading easily within a building, and to other buildings, fire separations and cavity barriers need to be provided.


The external surfaces of walls and roofs need to be of materials, which will restrict the spread of fire over them.


The building needs to provide the fire brigade with access and facilities to fight a fire.


Further information is available from the website and the BCA Fire Doors Technical Guidance Note.