Building Regulations - Dangerous Buildings


A dangerous building or structure can be anything on or about a building or structure that may be a danger to members of the public


This includes:

Dangerous Wall

  • loose or falling roof tiles
  • walls or fences that are in danger of collapse
  • unstable chimneys
  • larger buildings that become unstable

Where there is imminent danger, the local authority may take immediate steps to remove the danger.


If a building is derelict and seriously detrimental to the amenities of the neighbourhood, powers are available to require the owner to refurbish or demolish the premises.


The majority of routine work on dangerous and derelict buildings derives from day to day reports and complaints from the general public. Other sources include reports direct from Councillors, the Police, Fire Service and other City Council departments.


A building that is reported as dangerous will be inspected the same day or within an hour if it is an emergency, by a surveyor on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Depending on how serious it is the surveyor may deal with it in a number of different ways, i.e. take immediate action to make the building safe for the protection of public safety, this may involve closing roads or undertaking urgent demolition works. Alternatively, if it is not so serious the Council may apply to the Magistrates' Court for an order requiring the owner to make the building safe.


Important Notice

If you wish to report a dangerous building or structure, please telephone 01446 704638 during office hours. Outside normal office hours, a dangerous building or structure that presents a serious and immediate threat to public safety should be reported to the police by dialling 999.



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