Building Notice

This method is recommended for minor works in residential properties only.


This form cannot be used where works have already commenced or where the building is for a "designated use" as defined by the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and the Fire Precautions (Workplaces Regulations) 1997  e.g. shops and offices


You will need to submit:

  • Brief description of the works are required to be submitted (including any sketch plans if available)
  • A block plan (Scale 1:1250) 
  • Full charge is required at the stage of the application submission.

Please Note: As there is no requirement to provide detailed plans to work to, the builder must liaise closely with the Building Control Officer.



You may request:

  • Completion Certificate from the Local Authority when all the works are satisfactorily completed. It is advisable to keep this with the Acceptance Notice to pass on to future purchasers of the property.


Notice of Acceptance

There is no Approval or Rejection of a Building Notice submission, however a Notice of Acceptance will be issued.


This Notice indicates that only the procedural details on the application have been checked and have been found to be acceptable. Once on site, the Building Control Officer will need to agree the various items of work with your builder as the work proceeds.


The Building Control Officer may also request further information to ensure compliance with the Regulations (e.g. requiring structural calculations to be submitted to prove the adequacy of any steel beams). You may commence work on site after giving the Local Authority 2 days working notice, in writing.


Make sure your builder has contacted the Building Control Officer. In the end it is you, the owner, who is responsible for works being checked for compliance with the Regulations.


Please consult with the Section about your application as you may require an approval under the Town & Country Planning Act also.


This advice is given in outline only. It is not intended to be comprehensive or to be a substitute for taking legal or other advice.


Please Note: When making a building regulations application, some information will be made available through the Councils public register.