Full Plans Application

The Full Plans Application can be used for all types of work.


You will need to submit:

  • Full Plans application forms.*
  • Detailed plans of your proposal with full constructional details
  • A charge for vetting the plans
  • A schedule setting out the required charges, depending on the type of works are available from the Building Control Service upon request.

* 2 copies of all plans are normally sufficient, however 2 additional copies are required where the works are non-domestic applications. A block plan (Scale 1:1250) may be required.



You may request:

  • An extension of time from 5 weeks to 2 months for further amendments to be submitted
  • A Conditional Approval where further information is likely to be required, e.g. details of manufactured roof trusses 
  • A Completion Certificate from the Local Authority when all the works are satisfactorily completed. It is advisable to keep this with the Approval Notice to pass on to future purchasers of the property.


Following the first inspection, you will be sent:

  • An invoice for the Inspection Charge, which covers all the inspections undertaken by the Building Control Officer.
  • A schedule setting out the required finds to be submitted, depending on the type of works are available from the Building Control Service upon request.


You are advised employ a professional such as an Architect, Surveyor or Draughtsman to act as your agent in the preparation of plans and submission of an application.


Upon receipt of your application, your deposited plans will be checked for compliance with the Building Regulations. Any requests for further information or amendments will be forwarded to you (or your agent if you employ one) and the Notice of Approval or Conditional Approval will be issued as soon as the plans are considered satisfactory.


It is important that you supply the builder with a copy of the approved plans and decision notice.


However, a Notice of Rejection will be issued if all the details required have not been submitted within the set time-limit (this is normally 5 weeks, unless you have agreed to extend this to 2 months on the application form).


Should you require to resubmit an application following it's rejection, no further plan vetting fee is required.


You may commence work after giving the Local Authority 2 working days notice, in writing. Work will be at your own risk if you commence before receiving your Approval Notice.