Building Control Application

Where a building regulations application is required for proposed building works it can be made using one of three ways

  • Full Plans Option
  • Building Notice Submission
  • Online Building Regulations Submissions

For advice and guidance on making an application please download a copy of the building control group information sheet:



Full Plans Option

This is the most widely known and used option, where scaled plans clearly indicating the proposed constructional details and where necessary supporting structural calculations, have to be submitted.


Full Plans

Building Notice Submission

The Building Notice option cannot be used where:

  • The building is subject to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to enable consultation with the fire authority
  • The building work is over or near a public sewer.
  • The proposed new dwelling fronts onto a private street.


Building Notice

Online Building Regulations Submissions

You can submit your building regulations submission forms, documents and plans online via the Building Portal. Where an application has been submitted online please contact building control to discuss arrangements for payment for the application.



Fees and payments for building control can be paid over the phone:

  • 01446 704609 / 704842



Building Portal



If you intend to demolish a building with a capacity of more than 50 cubic metres, Section 80 of the Building Act requires that written notice be provided of the intended demolition specifying the works intended.


Demolition may not commence until you have received a counter notice under Section 81 and complied with the conditions or 6 weeks have passed.


It is not permitted to demolish a listed building, or part of it, without the necessary consent or any building situated in the Conservation Area unless the demolition has received planning consent.