Statutory Inspections

During the construction process, building control surveyors conduct site inspections to check that work is being carried out satisfactorily.


The applicant or the applicant's builder will consult with the surveyor at various stages of construction, for example:

  • before pouring concrete foundations at the excavation stage;
  • before covering up concrete foundations;
  • before covering up damp proof courses;
  • before covering up hardcore laid for the floor;
  • before covering up new drains;
  • at least five days after covering up new drains and roof timbers;
  • at least five days before occupying the building/or when work is finished.



The work also involves:

  • Liaising and communicating with other statutory undertakings, eg highways;
  • Calculating the fee to be charged to the client;
  • Keeping up to date with current regulations;
  • Answering enquiries from clients on the progress of the work;
  • Providing a completion certificate when the building work is satisfactorily completed;
  • Undertaking enforcement activities where non-compliance has occurred.


On more complex projects, the building control surveyor may be involved at the pre-application stage to advise applicants on design issues and suggest alternatives that may help to reduce the risk of delays and save costs.